Roads – Just Drive!

Hey, friends! A long pause, but yeah I am here with some exciting road trip story. I went to Wellington in the Nilgiris last month from Mumbai. The journey – what should I say – breathtaking! Yeah, that’s the correct word! I never knew we have such lovely roads to traverse until we took this journey. The six-lane highways through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are bliss to drive through.


The trip was of three days and two nights. We obviously took breaks at night, especially since we were traveling with our four-year-old. So, it’s surely that we were tired, but it’s more like his tiny legs wanted to run and not sit on the boring-like-hell comfortable-but-not-happening seat of the car.

We took the longer route via Hubli and Bangalore to reach Coimbatore. Since we set on the journey in the first week of June from Mumbai, there was no trace of monsoon. It was a clear blue sky with puffs of white clouds to complement the beauty. It was till Pune that we got some traffic, but as we drove past the city, roads became less congested. The one thing that I noticed here is – if you really wish to have road side food during your road trip, do that before the Maharashtra border ends! Yeah surprisingly, there are a few to no roadside Dhabas as we enter Karnataka. If you are traveling with children, carry some food for them at least. Bananas, cookies, chocolate bars, whatever your child would just eat without much fuss. For us – Ummm, you might as well carry because our lunch on the first day was in a shabby roadside joint that I will not recommend.


Lots and lots of trucks that you need to bypass as you drive through the National Highway. Nothing could be more annoying than finding three trucks running at the same speed blocking all the three lanes that you are driving on. Skill is to find space between them and just take those apt opportunities to slip left-right to go ahead! Quite a task, but in the end, you feel like a hero – yeah I did that! And I am still alive! Ok, it was an exaggeration. Drive safe, guys.

We took a night halt at Davangere, a small city in Karnataka. Hotel Pooja International – we took a double bedroom at a reasonable price. The staff was friendly, but the food was spicy. It tasted great, no doubt but if you are a no-spice person, just have curd!

The next day started well, and we had a relatively late breakfast at 10 am at one Café Coffee Day that we luckily spotted on the road (the roads are unbelievably devoid of good food joints!). Nonetheless, we managed to reach Hosur by lunch time and had good continental at a star-rated hotel’s restaurant.

The memorable part of the trip was a cloudburst that we witnessed from a distance, and then drove through it, and next saw the cloud burst happening behind us! Whoa,, …some experience! I wanted to click good pics but didn’t have to right camera to catch this awesomeness of nature. Here is one pic which shows the clouds coming down on earth!


I guess, experiencing it in person is the best photograph you could have.


Music, small-talks, jokes – time went well. Found congested roads again when we entered Coimbatore in the evening. Do avoid entering Coimbatore when the office rush is on! Altogether, it was a trip that I enjoyed a lot. I would recommend it to everyone who wishes to have a scenic smooth drive through picturesque India. Happy traveling!


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