It’s a call from Lonavala!

I don’t know how many will agree with me, but I have found that destinations which are most approachable remain unapproached for some reasons. Many times we think of spending a great time at a great place! But we tend to overlook the spot just next-door. Something like this is very true for Lonavala in Maharashtra, India. Situated on the Western Ghats, this hill station has almost become the we-can-visit-it-anytime destination. And that “anytime” actually never seems to happen! In fact, people staying outside Maharashtra never (I hope I am not exaggerating) plan their travels to Lonavala. It’s more of an added tour to Mumbai Darshan!


Those who love to be in the midst of nature (may be Wordsworth’s Nature with a Capital N!), I would strongly suggest two-three nights stay at The Machan, Lonavala. Believe me, you are bound to have a different and very positive opinion about this place after the stay.

Machan is a curious name. Machan, according to Indian languages, is a platform erected in a tree, used originally for hunting large animals. Sometimes these platforms are made by forest officials for watching animals in wildlife reserves. I won’t say that you can watch many wild animals here, but the cottages (rather say machans!) are made right inside the forest. To be precise, these machans give you the exact feeling of staying in tree-houses, just out of the adventure tales from childhood books!


Unlike the other resorts and hotels, The Machan has rooms that have been made to put a minimum impact on nature. The rooms are made to ensure that trees are not cut. You actually have tree trunks and branches right inside your room! Exciting as it is, this helps to preserve the trees while building this awesome stay-with-Nature resort. There are solar panels that help to cook food, and coolers are provided to all guests only during the night. What a way to preserve nature I must say!

About 3 hours drive from Mumbai airport, this resort offers rooms with buffet meals. All meals are prepared by the hotel staff using the solar energy. Hot water provided in the restrooms are also solar power driven. Cars could be rented from Mumbai airport or from any car rental services in Mumbai and Pune. A bus would not be a great option since the resort is in a secluded spot.


I should specially mention the food at this place. From local flavors to global continental cuisines, the three meals at the resort offers exceptional food. And, if you are still wondering what to do three days in the resort, you will be in for a surprise! The management organizes a walk-through-the-forest activity for its guests. The huge Yoga room is another attraction that you cannot miss. If you love those poses that relieve you from stress, just don’t miss the chance to experience practicing it here! Nothing could actually spell staying-walking-living in nature better than this, huh?

What I really appreciate about The Machans is the set-up of the rooms. With big glass windows surrounding your bed and your bathtub positioned right under the sky, you feel nothing short of Tarzan living a luxury life! Guys, if you really wish to dodge the hustle bustle of city life and enjoy some fresh green nature, come to this refreshing concept of the resort within forests of the Western Ghats. Worth the money, worth the time, worth holidays!


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