Sometimes it’s not party that amuses us!

There is partying away with friends on long weekends, and then there is sleeping on a verdant spread of grass under the blue sky with the cold clouds touching your face. Exciting isn’t it! If you are the one who wishes to experience this heavenly touch (chances are high that you are!), it is time to plan your travel to Khajjiar – the heavenly abode of beautiful nature!


Himachal Pradesh in the north of India is known for its scenic locations. From trekking to peaks of mountains to river rafting on the roaring waters, you could take on almost every other adventure in the mountain range of the Himalayas that are present in this state. But if you wish to spend your holidays otherwise, like just doing nothing under the sky, Himachal gives you an excellent piece of its beauty to do so! Khajjiar is the spot (I would rather not call it a city) that one may visit during the summer seasons. March- July is best to absorb its gorgeousness. The road to Khajjiar in the rainy season (July-September) could be tricky and rough. And also winters are too cold to enjoy the blue summer skies at this awesome place.

People generally compare Khajjiar to Switzerland, but I won’t. There cannot be comparisons between beauties. Because beauties are beauties! Khajjiar lake has been surrounded by a lush green spread of soft grass and pine trees that reminds one of the scenic beauties of Switzerland. However, those who have not been to that country, please desist from the association! Khajjiar is a piece of beauty in itself!


I would always recommend tourists to stay in Dalhousie (the adjacent city). Dalhousie is another charming little city (about which we will soon talk!) that has better lodging and food options than Khajjiar. You have to book a car or take the tourist bus service to Khajjiar from Dalhousie. It’s just an hour’s drive through picturesque mountains of the Himachal. If you are renting a car, I would definitely advise you to stop over and click pictures on the road.

Another advice that I would like to give here is that carry your food to the spot. There are very limited options for food there, and if you are not fond of the local flavors done in a mediocre way, just stack some snacks in your bag. You would definitely get water, cold drinks (required after a round of the whole circular ground!) and hot beverages at the spot. So, writers and painters, you got all the supplies for the creative geniuses within you!

Horse riding (I mean trotting!) and zorb activities are also available on the spot. You could also indulge in paragliding if you love gliding to grasp the breathtaking splendor of the spot! I like the fact that the horses are not trotted on the grass (which would be devastating for the beauty of the place). There are little rabbits to hold and click pics with. Basically, if you love clicking great great photographs, it’s Khajjiar that you should be at!


Again, do not expect a lot. Khajjiar visit is for those who love to lay around and spend a lazy afternoon in retrospection or just about anything other than adventurous sports or EDM splashes! Khajjiar is the place where you could happily realize that unscathed nature is truly inspiring for a better life.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Happy Summer Vacation! Happy traveling friends!


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