It’s Essential – Grab it!

Crowded trains! Crowded roads! Even more crowd at the juice stalls! Summers could turn just about any place or scene dull and boring (you could easily say abhorring!). The daily traveling seems long roads to traverse, and mostly all energy that you store through that sweet sleep gets exhausted right in the morning. Summers in most part of India is as harsh as it sounds. So, if you are the one who needs to travel every day to work or just travel (because we love India!), don’t miss these five things in your bag.



  1. A Pair of Sunglasses – Yeah! You didn’t need Me to tell you that, but hey! I am trying to make a list here. J A pair of good sunglasses with UV protection is absolutely necessary. Plus, this pair lets you flaunt your stylish best!
  2. A Hand Sanitizer – Let’s face it! Every other Indian restaurant does not give you the option to wash hands in a hygienic way. It is always good to carry your own sanitizer in case you wish to eat on your way. Many diseases in tropical countries are contagious. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Those who commute on public transports, you know why I am suggesting this one!
  3. Food – I mean snacks that you can carry in your handbag! Apart from getting irritated with the sweat and crowd, you will surely not like to get hanger (Hunger+Anger) attacks! Just carry snacks like cucumbers, seasonal fruit slices, candies and chewing gums, some granola bars etc. Keep some food that you would like to (and is easy too!) eat while traveling. Avoid fried foods and street foods during these months.
  4. A Bottle of Lime Drink – Believe me, you will never regret carrying this while traveling in India during summers. The tangy taste of the drink would definitely keep you cool and other people bearable!


5. A Bottle of Sunscreen Lotion – Irrespective of the gender, please keep it! Many times we forget to put on sunscreen before we leave home. The bottle will be handy and will protect you from harmful rays of the sun. Neither the blazing sun nor its rays are enjoyable during these months. So, be equipped.

Hope this post helps to keep you safe and protected. A small bag of essentials never hurts anyone. Hope you enjoy your days. Happy traveling!


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