When You Wish to Chill in Mumbai

Summers are here! That too, Indian summers! Whew! Cold drinks and ice-creams actually are the saviors here. The malls have literally become tourist spots, and the movie theaters are a haven for the dating couples.

The busy city of Mumbai, though, is still bustling with lively people and even more lively traffic, it needs to chill. And, the much-needed chill is offered at Snow World, Phoenix Market City Mall, Kurla. No, it is not even close to Snow World in Dubai. So, please do not expect a very grand presentation of the frozen world. It is more of a huge room with loose and hard frost on the floor.

No, that was an underestimation. It does not mean that it is worthless to invest, especially when you wish to have a good family outing other than the malls in the bustling city of Mumbai. The Snow World is situated on the ground floor of the mall. The entrance has an enticing mural that flashes the name ‘Snow World’. Though not really enticing enough for adults, I am sure your kid would be enthralled to watch the animated penguin and snowman on the mural.


As you enter the little gate to the frozen world, you are greeted by some friendly members. They help you take your socks, jackets, shoes and gloves. These essential things are obviously given against an amount. The convenience is that you can book these and the ticket online from the comfort of your home.

The city of snow opens for an hour for each ticket. There are slots from which you could choose. Commencing at 1100 hours, the slots lets you enjoy the snow world (maintained at a minus temperature!) for about 45-50 minutes. But honestly, if you are a person hailing from the tropical regions, 45 minutes would be too much in that cold.


Surprisingly, the savior here becomes the hot chocolate drink and the piping hot soup that is available in the small café inside the Snow World. In the middle of playing with snow, or gliding down the hard frost circular slide, you could enjoy the hotness (much required) in that café. And, if you know how to ski, just grab a pair of skies and enjoy your slides on the ring.

Nicely done with penguins, igloos, frozen soccer ground, the place offers some contemporary music and a chill snow fall while you are inside. A small reminder, you may run, jump, and have fun but do not slip. There are spots where the boots may slide on the hard snow. Be a little careful to enjoy the chill pill in the hot summers of Mumbai! Happy Holidays!


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    1. A cab is preferable. Ask for Phoenix market city mall. If not, take d metro to Marol Naka. You need to walk a little when u get down and catch a bus to kamani. Walk a little ahead to reach d mall.


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