Roads – Just Drive!

It is a MYTH that Indians roads cannot give a oh-damn-cool experience in road trips. Just take the roads from Mumbai to Coimbatore via Bangalore...You are bound to love it!


When in India…

Famous for being a country of “unity in diversity”, India gives you a chance to observe its vibrant colors, varied traditional practices and cultural extravaganza at its best. So, here I would not speak about which places to visit (I’m sure you have your own preferences). I would rather ask you to experience these little things.

It’s a call from Lonavala!

Those who love to be in the midst of nature (may be Wordsworth’s Nature with a Capital N!), I would strongly suggest two-three nights stay at The Machan, Lonavala. Believe me, you are bound to have a different and very positive opinion about this place after the stay.

It’s Essential – Grab it!

Summers in most part of India is as harsh as it sounds. So, if you are the one who needs to travel every day to work or just travel (because we love India!), don’t miss these five things in your bag.

When You Wish to Chill in Mumbai

Summers are here! That too, Indian summers! Whew! Cold drinks and ice-creams actually are the saviors here. The malls have literally become tourist spots, and the movie theaters are a haven for the dating couples. The busy city of Mumbai, though, is still bustling with lively people and even more lively traffic, it needs to... Continue Reading →

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